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A lot has happened in Claremont over the past few weeks that our local newspaper has failed to report to their readers. We will begin to deal with the backlog next week. Below are two brand new postings:


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A letter regarding the editorial by the Eagle Times about the election results, can be found on the Letters Page of this website.



          2 POSTINGS TODAY!

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             2 POSTINGS TODAY!

                    POSTING # 1

A letter from City Council Ward # 3 Candidate Richard Dietz can be found on the Letters Page of this website.

                     Posting # 2

This action plan for Claremont's Master Plan was distributed to the Planning Board but never put up on the City's Website for public review.





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Letters from Jacquelyn Elliott & Steven Snelling can be found on the Letters Page of this website.

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                2 postings today!

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A letter from Steven Snelling regarding the Eagle Times Editorial about Mr. Maranville's interview show can be found on the Letters Page of this website.



Instead of editorials so far the Eagle Times has seemed to endorse certain incumbent council candidates by publishing their endorsement letters to the editor twice. Or is this a new policy similar to purchasing display advertisement where you pay full price for the first ad and get a discount on the second? The Eagle Times' rate for political ads is $13.50 per column inch. Although some council candidates have no problem paying this high rate, some that can't afford it take the back door approach! 










              2 postings today!

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A letter written by Former Mayor and City Councilor James C. Neilsen IV entitled "LEVEL FUND SHELL GAME" can be found on the Letters Page of this website.

                    Posting # 2

A review of actions taken by incumbent members of the Claremont City Council entitled "LOOKING PAST THE RHETORIC" can be found on the Elections Page of this website.



A letter written by Claremont Resident Helen Crowe regarding the Ice River Springs Water Bottling Company can be found on the Letters Page of this website.



A letter written by Claremont Resident Jacquelyn Elliott regarding the Ice River Springs Water Company can be found on the Letters Page of this website.









An excellent letter written by Claremont Resident Jacquelyn Elliott regarding the eminent domain case settlement agreement can be found on the Letters Page of this website.





On September 18th the City Council unanimously voted to give the City Manager a raise "in accordance with his employment contract with the City". In an unusual move no dollar amount was stated in the motion. Is this because it's an election year?

Councilors Austin & Cutts were absent. Mayor Pope only stayed for 15 minutes and then left just before the vote took place (was this done so the Mayor could say that he didn't vote for the pay raise prior to the Election?) 

To our knowledge the Manager's original contract doesn't allow for automatic increases in pay. We've submitted a Right-To-Know Request for a copy of the Manager's current contract as well as how much this raise will end up costing the Claremont Taxpayers & we will post it. Hopefully we will get that information prior to Election Day.





                 IT'S OFFICIAL!


                 80 JOBS LOST!

On August 30th the Eagle Times reported that Sullivan-Palatek's Claremont Facility which employs 80 people might be closing.

On September 28th the Michigan based News Dispatch reported that Company Officials announced that the Claremont Facility would definitely be closed during the groundbreaking ceremony for Sullivan-Palatek's new facility in Michigan City, Michigan.

       Link to the News Dispatch's Article



Wheelabrator windfall at the Public's expense! Was this deliberately sabotaged? For full details go to the Other Issues Page of this website.



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Claremont City Councilor At-Large Candidate Thomas (Toby) Batchelder has created his own website.

         Link to Mr. Batchelder's website 

                     Posting # 2  

This is the Claremont Master Plan interview summary for Building Code Enforcement Officer Ken Walsh. Can you understand this gibberish?







Have you been invited to a recruiting lunch by members of the City Staff lately? This wouldn't be the first time its happened!



A letter from Claremont School Reinvestment Committee Member Paul Knapp regarding their Public Forum (which will be held on Saturday September 29th from 11 AM - 1 PM at Stevens High School) can be found on the Letters Page of this website. 




               2 postings today!

                    Posting # 1

Blatant sabotage has cost the Taxpayers thousands! For details go to the Other Issues Page of this website.

                    Posting # 2

An excellent, thought provoking letter from Claremont Resident Jacquelyn Elliott regarding the recent settlement of the Eminent Domain Case between the City of Claremont & Wheelabrator can be found on the Letters Page of this website.








To learn what the City Manager & the Eagle Times didn't tell the Public about regarding the Eminent Domain Case Settlement between the City of Claremont & Wheelabrator go to the Other Issues Page of this website and read a copy of the actual agreement!



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In an unanimous decision The State of New Hampshire Supreme Court denies The City of Claremont's motion for reconsideration.

               POSTING # 2

Part 3 of our series "A New High School for Claremont?" can be found on the School News Page of this website. ______________________________







The Claremont School Reinvestment Committee will eventually give the Public their recommendation regarding whether to renovate Stevens High School or build a brand new high school. However there is a third possible option. For full details go to the School News Page of this website.





Excerpt from Claremont Main Street's  

                  Official Website:

 Note: 2nd bullet point from bottom.



   It's heartening to see that new

      citizens are running for the 

   Claremont City Council so early!





        Claremont Zoning Board's

       Meeting Minutes sanitized!

        For the full story go to the

 Other Issues Page on this website.






                 CAST IN STONE:









                SPECIAL REPORT!

According to our sources the Rite-Aid Pharmacy will be vacating their Washington Street Location soon and move into the former Brooks Pharmacy on Pleasant Street. Rite-Aid recently purchased the Brooks chain.



                2 Postings today!

                     Posting # 1

A letter written by me about the Eagle Times' erroneous article regarding Claremont's involvement with Cast In Stone, which can be found on the Letters Page of this website.

                    Posting # 2



               2 Postings Today!

                     Posting # 1

An excellent letter written by Joel Snelling (Steve Snelling's Son) can be found on the Letters Page of this website.

                      Posting # 2

An update regarding the Claremont School Investment Committee's Outreach Task Force can be found on the School News Page of this website.





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Part 2 of our Series entitled "A NEW HIGH SCHOOL FOR CLAREMONT?" can be found on the School News Page of this website.

                   Posting # 2 

Snelling Case Update: We've posted a copy of the City's Motion for Reconsideration as well as a copy of the Plaintiff's Objection to that Motion, filed by Mr. Snelling's Attorney. Both documents can be found on the Other Issues Page of this website.

                    Posting # 3

                    Posting # 4



The Claremont School Investment Committee Outreach Task Force is concocting a phony, staged interview with the S.I.C. Chairman that they intend to air on the local public access television channel. For full details go to the School News Page of this website.



A letter by Steven Snelling with new information regarding the current status of his case can be found on the Letters Page of this Website. ______________________________


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 St. Marys Parish evicts Soup Kitchen.

      Must vacate by October 15th!

                   Posting # 2

                    Posting # 3

         The Snelling Case Part 3



Could we lose School Building Aid for the renovation of Stevens High School due to a lack of parking? For more information go to the School News Page of this website.



At their August 2nd meeting, several School Investment Committee Members desperately tried to discredit this website for reporting about their activities, without offering one single shred of proof to back up their claims. For the full story go to the School News Page of this website.





A letter written by Steven Snelling,

regarding the editorial in today's local

newspaper, can be found on the

Letters Page of this Website.



               SPECIAL REPORT!

The City Manager had the Attorney representing Claremont in the Snelling Case file a Defendants' Motion for Reconsideration with the State of NH Supreme Court on July 29, 2007.

The document states that "Defendants City of Claremont and Robert Porter hereby move for reconsideration of that part of the Court's Opinion of July 18, 2007, that finds that plaintiff was speaking as a citizen, and not pursuant to his official duties, when he was interviewed by the Eagle Times reporter."

We contacted Mr. Snelling and asked what he thought about this recent turn of events. Mr. Snelling responded "Too bad the City Manager has decided to drag this on. It will mean nearly a couple thousand dollars per month in interest plus legal fees for the taxpayers of Claremont to pay. Until the City Manager showed he is not a man of his word," (Eagle Times article where the City Manager is quoted when asked about the original appeal to the NH Supreme Court, "We thought we'd give it a shot and try to rid ourselves of the nightmares that had been created") Mr. Snelling continued "I felt we could approach negotiations on the "front-pay" issue that will be going back to Sullivan County Superior Court. Now, I can't trust him. We'll take this all the way to the jury because I can't trust him."



Three Ward 1 Residents have submitted letters of interest regarding the open seat on the Claremont City Council recently held by James Neilsen. They are William Corey, Bradley Ferland & David Roark.

During the Clinton Administration, the members of the elite inner circle of close associates to the President were called the "Friends of Bill". The same thing can be said of the Santagate Administration and Mr. Corey would definately be on the list as a "Friend of Guy".

The Corey's have both been staunch supporters of the City Manager. Over the years, both have gone to the podium during public meetings and spoken in favor of Administration Proposals.

The Corey's have also been strong advocates for the Mill Project. The night the City Council passed a very important vote necessary to begin the Mill Project; Mrs. Corey gave a very passionate speech urging the Council to vote in favor of the Administration's Proposal.

According to public records, the Corey's later began buying properties adjacent to the Mill District and word on the street is that a development for that site is planned (possibly a Walgreens Pharmacy). For that to happen the Corey's will need to buy a few more abutting lots, including 2 that belong to the City of Claremont. One of those City owned parcels is a municipal parking lot that is part of the site plan for at least one nearby business.

The Corey's also bought the old Reliable Paper Building on Water Street right next to where the Mill Project is taking place. Word on the street is that the Corey's want to tear down that building and create a parking lot where people would have to pay to park there. Water Street is within the Historic District, which makes getting permission to tear down the Reliable Paper Building difficult since it requires the approval of the Historic District Commission.

At the October 26, 2006 Historic District Commission Meeting, St Marys Parish tried unsuccessfully to get approval to demolish the St Marys Convent, which is also located within the Historic District. According to the official minutes "Bill Corey, Ward 1, states he recently bought a mill building in the Historic District. He then questioned the authority of the Commission to decide on such matters when the owners have made their decision". If St Marys eventually gets approval to demolish their Convent, it may set the precedent necessary for the Corey's to demolish the Reliable Paper Building as well.

Mr. Corey serves on the Claremont Tax Increment Finance District Advisory Board alongside the City Manager & also rents space in the City owned Farwell Building.

It will also be interesting to see if Councilor William Regan will support Mr. Corey if he's nominated. On July 19, 2006 the City Council held a public hearing regarding Ordinance # 474 Open Space Residential Development, which failed due to a very large outpouring of public dissent. At that meeting the only person to speak in favor of the ordinance was Mr. Corey's wife.

The following excerpt is from the official July 19th City Council Minutes. "Christine Corey, Ward 1, reiterated this does not do away with the existing ordinance, it is another tool for developers. She is in favor of this additional tool for the City to use. She challenged Mr. Regan's ability to vote on this ordinance due to his biased and prejudged view. She quoted from the City Code of Conduct. She quoted from a letter dated October 20, 2005 from Mr. Coogan to Mr. Santagate in reference to a subdivision on 50 Lane Ridge Avenue, to which Mr. Regan is an abutter. According to the letter, Mr. Regan said the subdivision would wreck his view. The letter also states that Mr. Regan was running for City Council and that he would work to stop proposed subdivisions. Ms. Corey made a reference to the Planning Board Minutes dated November 28, 2005. She requested that Mr. Regan not vote on this issue. The Council discussed this issue. Mayor Pope said he would not ask Mr. Regan to step down and no other Councilors asked him to step down."

Will either the Administration or the Mayor demand that Councilor Regan recuse himself if Mr. Corey is nominated, in order to achieve a unanimous vote? Is Wednesday's Special City Council Meeting to interview the candidates and choose a new Councilor just a formality? Has the decision already been made? We shall soon find out!

Certainly everyone is welcome to run for a Council Seat, motivation however is another question.



                Local Election &

       Candidate Filing Information

         Submitted by Bernie Folta



               2 postings today!

                    Posting # 1

  Part 3 of the Snelling Case will be

              posted next week!

                    Posting # 2


                   BE UPHELD?



The School Investment Committee is

looking into the possibility of building

a new High School.

The first in a series of in-depth reports

regarding what a newly constructed

High School could end up costing all

Claremont Residents and Property

Owners can be found on the School

News Page of this Website.







Update on the possible demolition of

St. Marys Convent.






The NH Department of Education

announces the Fiscal Year 2008

Adequate Education Aid Numbers. To

learn what Claremont will receive go

to the School News Page of this














            PAGE COURT RULING.



               IN IT'S ENTIRETY.




                 2 postings today!

                      Posting # 1

                      Good news!

    Eastern Bridge LLC of Claremont

   NH sold to Canam Group Inc from

 Quebec Canada. Expansion planned!

                      Posting # 2







              2 posting today!

                 Posting # 1

                  Posting # 2



On July 2nd the Claremont Zoning

Board of Adjustment unanimously

voted to formally recommend to the

City Council that they pass a new

ordinance requiring fire sprinkler

systems in all newly constructed

buildings and in all existing buildings

where 40% or more of the building is

being remodeled.



               2 Postings today!

                    Posting # 1

According to an article in today's Eagle

Times Claremont City Councilor James

Neilsen resigned effective immediately

citing family responsibilities as the

reason for his resignation. The City

Council will address appointing his

replacement at their July meeting.

                     Posting # 2

      Phone Numbers of City Officials

       Link to Feb. 28, 2007 Lebanon NH

           Board of Assessors Meeting




               2 Postings today!

                     Posting # 1

Claremont Resident Dick Elliott wrote

an excellent letter that can be found

on the Letters Page of this Website.

                      Posting # 2

 Link to Union Leader Article



 Link to Union Leader Article



               2 Postings today!

                    Posting # 1

After learning that Voters had

defeated the School Budget for a

second time, the Claremont School

Board funded the unbudgeted Truant

Officer Position, using monies that

School Administration Officials had

found within the 2007 - 2008 School

Year Default Budget, that the

Administration won't need for the

purpose it was originally budgeted for.

To learn more go to the School News

Page of this website.

                   Posting # 2

A copy of the Letter to the Editor

written by me that the Eagle Times

published today can be found on the

Letters Page of this website.



The results of the June 20th Claremont

School Budget Vote can be found on

the School News page of this website.



                  City changes

      Municipal Staffing Numbers

     Blames it on "Computer Error"

  Administration's Original Numbers

         Administration's Revision

                Comparison Chart



According to the Minutes of the May

24, 2007 Claremont Development

Authority Meeting, KZM LLC may buy

the Old Coy Paper Company Building

provided an agreement can be


Excerpt from May 24, 2007 Claremont

     Development Authority Meeting.




A copy of the Claremont School District

Budget Ballot that will be used

on June 20, 2007 can be found on the

"School News" page of this website.



 Comparison of Claremont's Municpal

      Payroll Expenses 2004 - 2007

   City Solicitor Jane Taylor's E-Mail

   Claremont Muncipal Government's 

        Staffing Levels 2004 - 2007



          Two new postings today!

                     Posting # 1

According to our inside sources, as of

a few weeks ago Genesis, the

company that manages the Sullivan

County Home (an elder care facility),

hasn't submitted a single invoice for

services provided in 2007. What chunk

of change is this going to be? How will

this affect the Current County Budget?

The Proposed County Budget for fiscal

year 2007 - 2008 is up by over $1.6

Million. It seems that a guessing game

is taking place regarding revenue and

expense figures, since no facts to back

up those numbers have been provided

by County Administrators.

The County Government looks like

Deja Vue of Claremont's Municipal

Government. With all the County

Administrators and their Overseers,

who's really running the show?

                   Posting # 2

Claremont Resident  Richard Elliott

submitted an informative letter with

new details regarding the Claremont

School Budget & School Official's

continued over-estimation of Health

Insurance Costs. This letter can be

found on the "Letters Page" of this






          Wait till you read this!

      Use the link below marked

      "DIRECT LINK" and read the

            June 1, 2007 posting

          to see what we mean!

                   DIRECT LINK ______________________________



In the Public Forum of this Website

Claremont Resident Helen Crowe

(Posting # 102) raised questions

regarding the Community

Development Block Grant for Sewer

Infrastructure Upgrades for Pleasant

Valley Estates. We are providing

below a copy of the minutes from the

July 16, 2003 City Council Meeting

regarding this issue, which should

answer most of the questions raised.

The minutes state that "lot rents

would increase between $25 and $28

per month" & that the Pleasant Valley

Estates Cooperative Board voted for

those lot rent increases and to move

ahead with this project on June 16,

2003. If residents of Pleasant Valley

Estates have questions they should

contact their own board.

        Excerpt from July 16, 2003

    Claremont City Council Meeting.



Important new information has

surfaced regarding the Claremont

School District's Proposed Budget.

For more information go to our newest

page on this website entitled "School




Stay tuned for some important graphs

that have been produced regarding

The School Investment Committee!


Congratulations to the Eagle Times for

all the splendid coverage of the Local

Memorial Day Activities!

Now if they will just keep current on

all the City & School Finances & Future

Issues that will so affect your

pocketbook, it would be greatly




The May 23rd Oral Arguments for the

Snelling Case is now available on the

NH Supreme Court's Website. Use the

direct link below, then once on that

website find the May 23rd links for

Case # 2006-0315  Steven J.

Snelling Vs City of Claremont. One link

is Audio only, the other is both Video

& Audio. Running time: 30 Minutes.

      Link to NH Supreme Court Website



A new website devoted to Claremont

NH Local Government Issues recently

premiered entitled "CLAREMONT

COMMENTS", which will allow more

sunshine into the dark corners of

Claremont's Version of Tamany Hall!




   The NH Supreme Court hears Oral

    Arguments for the Snelling Case



Claremont City Officials further delay

making several important decisions by

cancelling the scheduled May 23, 2007

Claremont City Council Meeting.

  E-Mail from the City Manager's           

          Executive Assistant



    The Mayor's invitation to the Ball

Claremont Taxpayer's Money given to  

   Mayor Scott Pope so that he could

           attend the Ball for free!



             Here they go again!  

Excerpt from April 26th CDA Minutes

       Link to Astoria Properties Website



Claremont Resident Judith Moriarty

submitted a letter about recent events

in both Claremont & Newport

regarding the Solid Waste Issue. Mrs.

Moriarty's letter can be found on the

Letters Page of this website.



               SPECIAL REPORT!

          City's reply to Mr. Elliott's

          Right-To-Know Request.





At the Sullivan County Regional Refuse

Disposal District's May 10th Meeting

District Representatives voted 12-2

(Claremont Representatives Jackie

Elliott & Robert Woodman voted No) to

bar all Claremont Representatives

from attending all future non-public

meetings and consultations with legal

counsel regarding the Wheelabrator

Incinerator Property Tax Abatement


This is just the latest example of how

this organization has used & abused

Claremont. Our community pays

approximately 25% of this

organization's bills but unlike the

other member communities Claremont

has to deal with the pulverized City

Roads due to all the heavy garbage

truck traffic, environmental & health

issues plus the stigma of having an

incinerator located in our community.

Translation: Claremont pays the most

and gets the least benefit.

Fortunately this marriage from hell is

soon about to end. A divorce is in the

works and will be finalized when this

organization dissolves in July.

Unfortunately, another arranged

marriage with many of the same

communities may be in the near


Will Claremont Officials negotiate a

fair & equitable deal that serves the

best interests of Claremont (which

would be a first for this

Administration) or will City Officials

agree to another shotgun wedding and

allow Claremont to get taken

advantage of once again?

Note: The documents that are posted

below have already been given to  

Claremont City Solicitor Jane Taylor

& Eagle Times Local News Editor

Patrick O'Grady.

  Letter from Attorney Jeffrey Meyers

   Copy of the NH District Resolution




Property Tax Relief is available to all

NH Residents who own a homestead

subject to the State Education

Property Tax, resided in that property

on April 1, 2006 and have a total

household income that doesn't exceed

$20,000 for a single person or $40,000

if married or the head of a NH

household. This Tax Relief Program is

offered through the NH Department of

Revenue and the filing period is May 1,

2007 through June 30, 2007. If you

qualify please take advantage of this

program and get your refund!

 Use this link for the form & directions.



No mention of Richard Dietz's Appeal

of Administration Decision was made

at last night's Claremont Zoning Board

of Adjustment Meeting. Mr. Dietz 

officially filed for a Continuance on

April 27, 2007. Will Administration

Officials place his Appeal on the

June Meeting Agenda or will they try

and bury this? Time will tell.  

   Mr. Dietz's Motion for Continuance


                     Mr. Dietz's

    Appeal of Administrative Decision



Go to the Letters Page of this website

to read an excellent, well thought out

and very interesting letter from

Former Claremont Zoning Board

Member Richard Dietz. Also make sure

that you check out the two new

postings for today, directly below.

Today's 2 postings are in regards to 

the behind the scenes actions taken by

Mayor Scott Pope and Administration

Officials to replace Former Zoning

Board Member Richard Dietz with a

Claremont Municipal Employee.

The Zoning Board consists of 5

members.  The current members are:

Long Time Members

Chairman Mike Hurd 

Vice-Chairman Robert Woodman

Newest Appointments

Tracy Pope (The Mayor's Wife)

City Councilor Heather Bopp (one of

        the City Manager's closest allies, 

        she was appointed through an

        Administration Policy change

        that replaced the Claremont

        Planning Board Representative 

        with a City Councilor)

City Employee James Hanson

        (appointed after Administration

          Officials and Mayor Scott Pope

          changed the rules regarding

          how Claremont Residents are

          appointed to Municipal Boards &

          Commissions and then promptly

          disqualified Zoning Board

          Member Richard Deitz, who

          re-applied for his seat on the

          Zoning Board.

                  Posting # 1

Documents given to Claremont City

Council for January 10, 2007 Council

Meeting regarding the re-appointment

of Richard Dietz to the Claremont

Zoning Board of Adjustment.

  Copy of Richard Dietz's Application

     that was revised by City Staff.

                     Posting # 2

Administration Officials removed Mr.

Dietz's Appeal from the Claremont

Zoning Board Of Adjustment's May 7th

Meeting Agenda.

                  Original Agenda

                   Revised Agenda



We have 3 postings for you today!

After you read the 3 postings below,

be sure to go to the Public Forum Page

of this Website for the newest

postings from Claremont Resident

Richard Elliott & Claremont City

Councilor James Neilsen.

                  Posting # 1

It seems that the important local news

is being printed at the bottom of the

Editorial Page (i.e. the Newport

Budget Advisory Committee in

Thursday's edition of our local


According to reliable inside sources,

the City Manager has adamantly been

lobbying the powers at the local

newspaper to quash Claremont City

Councilor's Aspirations for a similar


                   Posting # 2

Project Attorney Jeffrey Meyers

announced at the May 3rd NH/VT Solid

Waste Project Executive Session

Meeting in Open Session that the City

of Claremont has rejected the

settlement agreement regarding the

Wheelabrator Incinerator Property

Assessment Case. According to Mr.

Meyers this case will be heard in court

sometime this summer.

                   Posting # 3

   Eagle Times Newspaper Report

regarding the Assistant City Manager

  Proposal wasn't entirely accurate.

What the City Manager distributed to   

the City Council & the Eagle Times.

With all the City Staff and the

expensive computer system at the

Manager's disposal, this is the best

that he can do? This is one step

up from a drawing on a paper napkin!

Would you present this to your boss?

Would you expect a bonus if you did?

Using a free software add on program

for Microsoft Word (downloaded

directly from Microsoft Inc.) it took me

less than 5 minutes to create this

professional looking organization chart

depicting the City Manager's proposed




Notice of Exception filed on Claremont

Zoning Board of Adjustment's

Approval of First Baptist Church Use

Variance at 135 Maple Avenue in order

to tear down the former Water

Bottling Plant and build a Church.


  Excerpt from Minutes of Claremont

      Zoning Board of Adjustment's

             March 5, 2007 Meeting

   Draft Minutes of Claremont Zoning

     Board of Adjustment Meeting of

                   April 2, 2007 



According to a WMUR TV 9 Report the

State Department of Transportation

has classified Washington Street &

Water Street in Claremont as the most

dangerous medium-sized roads in the

entire state of New Hampshire.

The topic of Off Highway Recreational

Vehicle Crossing on Washington Street

is on the May 9 Claremont City Council

Meeting Agenda.  Will the Council's

actions make Washington Street safer

or more dangerous?




Thermacut Incorporated purchases

Old Crown Point Cabinetry Building!

 The Perfect Place is not so perfect!

       My Right-To-Know Request

       The City Solicitor's Response

    City of Claremont May 24, 2006

         Website Announcement




Govenor Lynch will be in Claremont on

Monday April 30, 2007 at 5:00 PM at

the Claremont Community Technical

Center (in The Teal Lantern Room) on

South Street to discuss his proposed

constitutional amendment regarding

State Education Funding.

  This meeting is open to the public!




Claremont Assistant Superintendant of

  Schools Allen Damren admits error!


    It's refreshing to have a Claremont

Official actually take responsibility,

admit when they are wrong and then

take the proper steps necessary to

correct the mistake. It shows that Mr.

Damren has integrity.

     Administration Officials at City Hall

& the members of the City Council can

all learn a lot from Mr. Damren in

regards to taking responsibility for

their actions as well as the proper way

to answer the public's questions.

     A few months ago a Claremont

Resident asked the City Council during

the Citizen's Forum when her

questions and those of other residents

would be answered. The Mayor & the 

Council refused to even answer this

woman's question as to when the

questions would be answered.

       Mr. Damren however  always

immediately answers any questions

posed to him by members of the

public, whereas that poor woman

is probably still waiting for answers

from Mayor Pope and the City Council

that will never come. Therein lies the



 Copy of E-Mail Mr. Damren sent to   

                Richard Elliott

Copy of Letter to the Editor Mr.

Damren sent to the Eagle Times that

Mr. Damren E-Mailed to me to

post on this website.


Claremont Resident Dick Elliott

discovers & confirms that Claremont

School Officials are providing the

Public with the wrong School Budget

Numbers. For more information go to

the Public Forum on this website and

read Posting Number 84.


      Public Service Announcement

The E-Mail below was sent today to

the City Council Clerk for distribution

to the entire Council. This was done

for the benefit of Claremont Taxpayers

& Local Residents. A copy of this

E-Mail was also sent directly to Mayor

Scott Pope, Assistant Mayor Chris Irish

& City Councilors Heather Bopp,

Deborah Cutts, William Regan & James

Neilsen. Councilors Mike Prozzo,

Andrew Austin & Ralph Swift didn't

receive a direct E-Mail because we

didn't have their E-Mail Address.

Which is the reason why a copy was

sent to the Council Clerk so that

everyone will get a copy.



Pleasant Valley Estates Cooperative

Inc.'s Sewer Project back on track!

      Snelling Court Case Update!

Oral Arguments will be held on May

23rd in front of the NH Supreme Court

at 9:30 A.M.



Our website's news feeds on the Home

Page is working once again providing

you with current News, Weather,

Sports, Stock Market Reports and

Entertainment, Health & Science




   Cover letter to Mr. Dietz's Appeal

       Mr. Dietz's Official Appeal

              Copy of Mr. Dietz's

     Application to the Zoning Board

Note: Just above his name on the form

it states " Below is the submitted

Boards and Commisions Application

form. It was submitted on 1/4/2007

at 10:26 AM."

       This document also states that it's

an "Application to serve on the Zoning

Board of Adjustment" there is no

mention of the Historic District

anywhere on the form, despite the

fact that the official Claremont City

Council Minutes of January 10, 2007

clearly state that Council Cutts said

that Mr. Dietz's application said it was

for the Historic District Commission,

which prompted the City Solicitor

to request that Mr. Dietz's application

be withdrawn.  What did City Officials

& "the Manager's New Gatekeeper"

Mayor Pope give to the City Council?

     Membership of the Zoning Board

Notice that it list both Mr. Hurd and

Mr. Dietz as "Re-Applying".

      Another interesting note is that

Councilwoman Heather Bopp is now

listing as her official residential

address Assistant Mayor Chris Irish's


Bruce Temple's letter when he takes

some of the credit for drafting the new

application forms which grants Mayor

Scott Pope illegal authority and allows

City Officials to disqualify virtually

anyone they want.

Mr. Dietz's letter to the City Manager

Excerpt from Jan. 10 Council Meeting

May 7th Zoning Board Meeting Agenda





     Claremont's political machine

(i.e. The Mushroomers) being led and

guided by the City Administration is

making Tammany Hall look like

Amateur Hour. Below is the latest

example of the "Real Carpetbaggers"

at work!

            Mr. Dietz's BTLA Case

Copy of the original application form

Copy of the newly revised application



  City Manager intends to create an 

   Assistant City Manager Position!


    Finally something is happening

around the Brown Block! A

Construction Fence has been

erected & some equipment is parked

alongside the building.

      On March 15th the Claremont Main

Street Organization sold the Brown

Block Building to the Brown Block

Development Company Limited

Liability Company for $178,000.

        Brown Block Development Co. LLC

is managed by Monadnock Economic

Development Company, whose

President is John Dugan.

        On March 15th Brown Block

Development Co. LLC signed a 35 year

lease for the entire building with

Brown Block Leasing Company LLC

(which is also managed by Monadnock

Economic Development Co.)









         Another Top Eagle Times

         Executive bites the dust?

     Timothy Donnelly, who was hired

on May 17, 2006 as the new Publisher

of Claremont's local newspaper the

Eagle Times, no longer has his name

listed as the Publisher of the

newspaper on the box that appears on

either Page 2 or Page 3 of each edition

of the Eagle Times. Mr. Donnelly's

name has been removed from the

Editorial Page as well.

      When Mr. Donnelly first assumed

the position, he publicly announced in

an Eagle Times news article that he

would be making big changes to

improve the newspaper.

        To his credit, one positive change

did occur while he was in charge. The

Eagle Times stopped printing on an

almost daily basis puff pieces praising

the City Manager & his Administration,

when nothing of value had been


          Unfortunately, that left a huge

vacuum in regards to news pertaining

to Claremont's Municipal Government.

So much so that it got to the point that

there wasn't any Claremont news for

several days at a time, making many

local residents question the wisdom of

continuing to subscribe to a local

newspaper that for whatever reason

won't report the local news.

           Now that Mr. Donnelly appears

to be history, it begs the question

what next? Will the Eagle Times

continue the process Mr. Donnelly

began and start reporting "ALL THE

NEWS", or will they continue to only






The Oral Arguments for the Snelling

Case has been postponed due to a lack

of Justices on the Bench. Justice

Broderick disqualified himself and

another Justice may have been

disqualified as well which would have

left too few Justices to hear the case.

Replacements will be found from a

pool of candidates which will consist

of either Retired Judges or sitting

Superior Court Judges or both.




    In response to a right-to-know

request, Claremont Administration

Officials provided the chart below

regarding the Fund Balance Account.

Note: These numbers are unaudited

figures because the 2006 Spot Audit

isn't completed yet & if the Auditors

find any shortages in the budget (red

ink) they will use these fund balance

funds to clean it up.) According to this

chart Claremont Officials are claiming

that there is $1,292,518 remaining in

the Fund Balance Account that is


        NOT TRUE!

The second line from the top of the

chart above lists $450,000 as being

"reserved for contingency" and then

inaccuracately classifies those funds

as being "unallocated". Below is an

excerpt from Claremont's 2005 Spot

Audit. The Auditing Firm states in the

fourth entry under the Financial

Highlights Section "A total of

$1,457,000 was used from the fund

balance during the year with another

$450,000 being held in contingency

due to pending litigation." (More

about Claremont's pending litigation in

a moment.)

The chart below depicts the true

numbers. As you can see at the end of

2006 The Administration & The City

Council had spent down the Fund

Balance to only $897. (There was

over $2 million in this fund just a few

years ago.) Continued below chart....

       Last year the City Manager gave

a speach in Groveton NH making

a joke of the fact that when he came

here 5 years ago there was only a

little over $4,000 in the Fund Balance

Account and that you couldn't even

have a decent party with that. I

wonder what kind of party he could

throw with $897? After the Auditor's

get done with it he might be lucky if

he can afford to buy a six-pack.

       It get's worse! According to the

City's Chart there is $841,621 "left

over" in the 2006 Budget which now

gets transfered into the Fund Balance

Account. Good news for the

Administration because it replenishes

the Fund Balance Account so that City

Officials can continue their spending

spree. Bad news for Claremont

Taxpayers because $841,621

translates to $1.16 on the Local

Property Tax rate, which means that if

your home is assessed at $150,000

you gave the City $174.00 more than

what they needed, & instead of giving

it back to you, they are going to keep

your money and eventually spend it.

         As it now stands the unaudited,

unallocated Fund Balance Total is

$842,518. If the City Manager decides

to make good on his promise to spend

from the Fund Balance Account

$75,000 for a new Skateboard Park

and another $200,000 to install lights

at the new Running Track in

Monadnock Park (so the City Manager

can go run around in circles at night

just like he does during the day) the

Fund Balance Account will be left with

$567,518 prior to the spot audit.

   Now for the really

         bad news!

      The $450,000 discussed earlier

that the City has put aside as a

contingency fund for "pending

litigation" isn't even close to what will

be needed to settle all the lawsuits the

Administration's currently involved in.  

       As we reported earlier a

negotiated settlement is in the works

between the NH/VT Solid Waste

Project & the City of Claremont

regarding the City's Property

Assessment of the Incinerator which

will drop the Incinerator's current

property assessment by more than

half (down to approx. $7 million). The

City will have to repay all the property

taxes the Project overpaid plus

12% Interest plus all the

Project's Legal Bills.  Based on what

the Project paid in property taxes

since 2004 the City will have to repay

at least $728,000 (and that's not

including the interest and legal fees).

The settlement of this ill-advised

lawsuit will probably end up costing

about $1 million. With the Snelling

Case starting up again in just a few

days and other lawsuits pending it's

quite clear that the $450,000 the City

has set aside is no where near enough

to bail Claremont out of all the

lawsuits this Administration has

gotten us into. 

       Now that the City Councilor's

know the majority of the facts will

they once again give the City Manager

a Bonus?  



            Here they go again!

At their regular March meeting the

Claremont City Council approved a

$500,000 loan for Red River Computer

Company, that is structured very

similar to the $450,000 Brown Block

Loan that was approved by the City

Council just a few months earlier.

Since the City Manager told the Public

that the Brown Block Loan was going

to be collateralized by the building

itself and then afterwards the

Administration and the Claremont

Development Authority decided not to

collateralize the loan with the Brown

Block Building but to accept a "pledge

agreement" instead, we decided to

submit a "right-to-know request" to

learn if the Red River Computer

Loan would be collateralized and if so

with what. Here's the first response

City Solicitor Jane Taylor sent me:

The March 15th "right-to-know

request was in regards to the Red

River Computer Loan. RSA: 91-A:3 is

the law regarding non-public

meetings. The Administration was

trying to use this law as a reason for

not providing me with any

information regarding the Red River

Computer Loan Deal. This lame excuse

just shows how desperately the

Administration wanted to keep this

quiet. Here's my response:

Whoops! The Administration rethinks

their position and provides me with all

the requested information. Note Item

# 4 of the following letter.

Letter from the NH Business Finance

Authority stating that the security for

the Red River Loan will be a "pledge

agreement" similar to the Brown Block

Loan Deal. (See page 2) According to

the City Solicitor's letter to me (see

above) this copy of the loan proposal

"was given to the City Council for

review prior to it's March 14th vote",

which means that the Council knew

exactly what they were doing when

they voted in favor of this $500,000

loan which would only be secured by a

"pledge agreement".

This makes $950,000 that the City of

Claremont will be responsible for if the

loans are defaulted on with only

"Pledge agreements" to fall back on

instead of real estate or some other 

tangible asset. Will the Claremont

Taxpayers be left holding the bag once





An unidentified spacecraft landed in

Opera House Square on Friday. It's

alien occupants met with Claremont

City Officials in the hopes of finding

intelligent life. Since none was found

the alien visitors quickly left.

       APRIL FOOL!_________________



At a recent Claremont City Council

Meeting, Parks & Recreation Director

Scott Hausler went before the Council

to ask for their approval to submit a

grant application for the proposed

Skateboard Park. During the

discussion Assistant Mayor Chris Irish

berated Mr. Hausler because he had

listed the site of the proposed

Skateboard Park as being off

Washington Street just past the North,

Broad & Washington Streets

Intersection. Mr. Irish stated that the

Claremont City Council had

never designated that spot as the

location for the Skateboard Park

& every City Official present agreed.

           NOT TRUE!

         According to the Official City

Council Minutes of November 8,

2006 "A motion was made by Mr.

Neilsen and seconded by Mr. Regan to

endorse the site (map and lot 108 -

125) as proposed tonight as a future

site for a skate park and look forward

to bring back more firm numbers for

development of a skateboard park."

(The site named in that motion is the

exact same lot that Mr. Hausler stated

in the grant application he submitted.)

The motion passed 7 - 0. The City

Councilors who voted in favor are:

Mike Prozzo, Deborah Cutts, Andrew

Austin, William Regan, James Neilsen,

Mayor Scott Pope & Assistant Mayor 

Chris Irish, but yet none of them could

remember having done so just a few

months later.

    While it's bad enough that Mr. Irish

publicly berated Mr. Hausler for

submitting a grant application for a

"Council Endorsed Project", what's

worse is that Mr. Irish publicly

chastised Mr. Hausler for listing on the

grant application the Skateboard Park

Site that Mr. Irish and his fellow

Councilor's had endorsed just a few

months ago. Mr. Hausler didn't

deserve to be treated that way and

Mr. Irish should be ashamed of


      While it seems that our Councilors

may have the attention span of a

goldfish (9 seconds), Claremont

Residents can and do remember the

consequences of this Council"s actions

and one thing that is very high on

their minds is the fact that this entire

City Council is up for re-election this




According to our inside sources

Walgreens may be locating here in

Claremont on Broad Street across from

Ramunto's Brick Oven Pizza.


   Previous entries can be found on the

               "News Archives"

            Page of this website.